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IELTS Listening Multiple Choices Questions Tips

Typically the IELTS Listening test needs you answer a lot of different types of queries, but what proves the particular most problematic for learners are often the multiple choice questions. Whilst IELTS listening multiple choices questions may seem scary at first, there are a few useful strategies that you can apply to make sure that you get the best mark possible.

Quickly understanding the particular difference between the various choices is quite crucial. 

Most Frequent Problems of IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions : 

When given 3 choices, like above, you will hear the speaker discussing all three options. Only because you heard it and pointed it out, doesn’t help it become correct. An individual must select the appropriate answer, not the initial one heard.
The responses will normally come inside the form of word and phrase replacements or paraphrases. Don’t simply listen for exact fits; think of how the response could be expressed making use of synonyms or paraphrasing.
The particular three choices often seem similar in meaning also it may be difficult for you to differentiate. See for keywords in the particular different choices that enable you to tell typically the difference between the distinct choices.
This is certainly not just a test of the listening skills but likewise the reading skills. Presently there is far more to examine in multiple choice concerns, so practice underlining typically the keywords in the concerns and quickly understanding the particular difference between the various choices.

Common mistakes of IELTS writing

IELTS Listening Multiple Choices Questions Tips

Tips for IELTS listening multiple choices questions

  1. Don’t check out your answers from the particular previous section once you have the break. It is significant that you look at the multiple choice questions and try to understand them.
  2. Emphasize the keywords. The keyword throughout the question will assist you to answer correctly. The keywords within the different options will be those that differentiate interpretation between the choices.
  3. Try not to write the first solution you hear. Remember of which they will attempt to key you.
  4. Don’t shell out and about as well considerably moment on one question. If you didn’t get the reply or perhaps you are unsure, make a good educated guess and write it down.
  5. Be cautious if an individual hear words like ‘but’ or ‘however’. This usually means that the presenter is likely to qualify an earlier statement.
  6. Practice is valuable.
  7. Your answer will generally be a letter not a word. Look at the instructions to make certain and be careful whenever transferring your answers from the end.

Strategies of IELTS listening multiple choices 

  1. Go through with the instructions carefully.
  2. Go through the questions and discover what is actually being asked. Highlight the keyword in the question.
  3. Appear at the different options and underline any key phrases that help you inform the difference in interpretation.
  4. Think of any alternatives or paraphrases you may hear.
  5. Predicting the solution of  IELTS listening multiple choices question is highly suggested.
  6. When listening, listen intended for any keywords and alternatives.
  7. Don’t write the very first answer you hear. They will probably talk concerning more than one alternative so wait until these people have talked about all and then answer. Get careful with answers of which are typically given by the speaker and then obtained away.
  8. If you think maybe a response is correct, put the tick beside it in addition to maintaining listening to create sure.
  9. Don’t spend virtually any more time that is essential. If you miss a great answer, come up with a guess in order to move on.

Next Ways

  1. For further listening exercise, visit the IELTS official website.
  2. I would certainly also recommend you appear at our articles in general listening as effectively as how to train listening.
  3. There’s no other alternative practice a lot of IELTS listening multiple choices questions.


If you can properly follow all the methods given above you can certainly get an outstanding mark in this section. However, you have to practice a lot.

7 Best Tips for IELTS Listening Multiple Choices Questions – By Afrin Nidra

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