IELTS Listening Tips

To improve your listening skill you must have a proper strategy. By following these IELTS listening tips one can easily develop their listening. Even in IELTS Listening it’s possible to get band score 9. You are already well known to some of these rules, here 10 rules have been mentioned which are effective and these will help you to secure a fantastic score in the IELTS.

IELTS listening tips


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Listen to the British accent: Improve your general listening skills. Practice more and more to make the accent comprehensible to you. Around 80 to 90 percent of audio will be in British accent at your IELTS listening test. So, need to get used to with it.

Have a good concentration: Don’t get distracted while practicing. And at the exam board you have to pay full attention as you have to listen to the audio, read and write at the same time. In the exam you will be hearing the audio only for once. In case you miss any word do not panic try to focus on the main part and at the end go through those questions.

Keep an eye on the linking words: you have to listen carefully to the word indicators such as however, then, finally, but. What the speaker is going to say can be predicted by these words indicators. That’s why one should have focus on this.

Point out the keywords: Name of places, dates, any name should be underlined. It also can appear in the synonyms of those keywords. Go through the questions then underline the keywords. Especially in part 3,4 which are comparatively more complex.

Avoid spelling & grammar mistakes: spelling mistakes will not get you any mark even if it is a correct answer as well as grammar mistakes will also deduct your mark. Do take care of spelling, grammar such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs. Transfer your answers attentively.

Watch out couple of questions at a time: To avoid missing any answer you have to look at the next question at the same time. This is how one can avoid missing any information and also can notice if it has moved on.

Read out the questions carefully: The questions will be paraphrased what you will listen. It will not be the same as you listened in the audio. That’s why you will have to spend that 1 minute to read the questions properly.

Answer every question: Do not just leave any blank answers. There is no negative marking for wrong answers. You will not lose mark for that. Try to read again and predict the answer.

Be careful about transferring the answers: Do not put right answer in the wrong place. In that case you should pay more attention and make a proper use of 10 minutes which will be given to transfer your answer.

Check your answer sheet: At the end of every section you will be getting 30 seconds to check your answers. Take the advantage of this time and check out the spellings, numbers, upper case, lower case, grammar and everything.

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