IELTS reading tips – How to read fast

Helpful tips to improve IELTS reading speed. 

Most of the candidates find the IELTS reading module quite difficult. You need to read three large articles and answer the 40 questions which is time consuming whereas you will get only one hour. Moreover, candidates need to transfer their answer to the sheet within that time though students get 10 minutes to transfer the answer at listening module. 


Read At least one hour a day:

This is probably most important IELTS reading tip. Try to read at least one hour a day. Read any topic that you love to read but every time you read try to read faster than the last time.

Read the whole sentence at a time:

Please avoid reading word by word which is very time consuming. Try to read the whole sentence at a time.


Focus on topic sentences:

Read the topic sentences properly and skim through the rest of the paragraph and highlight the proper nouns, date, location and any particular information such as any changes or comparison.

Read extensively:

Try to understand the general idea behind the text without giving full attention to details.

Try not to understand each and every word:

Reading in fast pace is absolutely necessary for IELTS reading module. You will not be asked for a profound research about the article. So, please do not waste your time by trying to understand the all the text. Remember your responsibility is to find the answers of 40 questions.

Avoid re-reading the text:

Do not waste your extremely precious time by reading the same text again and again. If you think there is an answer within that certain line then read it. Please do not read again just to get better understanding about the article.


Read very quickly and highlight or underline the core information like name, date, location, any remarkable events, comparisons etc which will help you to navigate easily to find the answers. Read sub-headings and topic sentences (1st sentence of each paragraph).


Scanning in IELTS exam means that you are looking for specific information in the texts order to find the answer. If you do skimming properly, you will be able to scan quickly for the right answers.

Leave the difficult question for the time being:

If you got stuck with a specific question, you should leave it for that moment. It is suggested not to spend more than 60 seconds for one question. You can always come back to the unanswered question.



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