IELTS Latest Essay Question released on March

1. IELT Essay: Cause and solution In many professional sports, there is an increase in the number of athletes wing banned substances to prove their performance. What are the causes of this and what will be the solution? Sample Answer: An overgrowing number of athletes, in many professional sports are Consuming prohibited substances to enhance their performance. This may will discuss how tough the competition the poor testing systems a problem, in are the main and hood cause of the addition to, the best solution to eliminate this problem is to impose heaviest punishments and fix up testing facilities. The

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IELTS Writing task 1 recent questions and sample answers.

IELTS Writing task 1 recent questions and sample answers. Writing task 1: How recycled paper is made. The diagram below illustrate how recycled paper is made. Sample Answer: The diagram elaborated how the whole process of recycled paper is made and by looking from an overall perspective, it is clear that the process includes 3 major levels beginning with initial collection and transport system which is then followed by cleaning and processing and last but not least the rolling will be the final product which will be man-made. In order to produce recycled paper, we have to collect and transported

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Best Templates

IELTS Writing Task 2 Best Templates

IELTS Writing Task 2 Best Templates 1. IELTS Essay Writing Template for a Statement Type Question:   Introduction: The discourse surrounding [Topic] has become increasingly contentious, with divergent viewpoints emerging regarding its perceived benefits or drawbacks. This dynamic has fueled a robust debate in recent years. In my estimation, the proposition that _______ appears to be more cogent. This essay will delineate my rationale for endorsing the affirmative/negative stance and ultimately arrive at a reasoned conclusion. Body paragraph 1 : Delving into the statement’s intricacies, a pivotal rationale behind this assertion is _______. Furthermore, an additional advantage lies in _______.

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PTE Reading Tips and Tricks | No 1 Strategy for PTE

PTE Reading Tips and Tricks PTE reading tests in details with type questions and answering strategies. Please follow these PTE reading tips and tricks to secure a fantastic score.  PTE reading could be tricky sometime. However, this challenge can be tackled by proper planning and strategy. Key Skills required: Rapid Reading Speed (Skimming & Scanning) Understanding the academic words/phrases Time management (Single Time) Process: Read at least 1 hour a day | Read  Academic Articles or Journals PTE Reading Tips and Tricks Type of questions and answering tips Multiple choice - multiple answers 1-2 (up to 300 words)Read more

The Transformative Impact of the Second World War on the Global Landscape

The Transformative Impact of the Second World War on the Global Landscape Abstract: This comprehensive academic article explores the profound and lasting changes that have occurred in the world in the aftermath of the Second World War. The article examines various aspects, including political, economic, social, and technological transformations, to provide a comprehensive analysis of the post-war era. From the restructuring of international relations to advancements in science and technology, this article illuminates the far-reaching impact of the Second World War on the contemporary global landscape. Key Points:  Introduction: 1.1 Background and Significance 1.2 Objectives and Scope Political Reconfiguration: 2.1Read more

Impacts of Technology on Medical Science | Best Contributions of Tech

Impacts of Technology on Medical Science: A Comprehensive Analysis Abstract: Technology has revolutionized various sectors, and its impact on medical science has been remarkable. The integration of technology in healthcare has transformed diagnosis, treatment, research, and patient care. This article presents a comprehensive analysis of the impacts of technology on medical science, focusing on advancements in diagnostic tools, therapeutic interventions, research methodologies, and healthcare systems. It examines the benefits, challenges, and future prospects of these technological innovations, highlighting their potential to enhance healthcare outcomes and improve patient well-being. Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Objective Technological Advancements in Diagnosis 2.1 Imaging TechnologiesRead more

IELTS Exam Fee in Bangladesh in 2023

IELTS Exam Fee in Bangladesh The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a widely recognized English proficiency test that is taken by millions of people around the world every year. In Bangladesh, the IELTS exam is increasingly popular among students and professionals who wish to pursue higher education, immigration, or career opportunities abroad. One of the most important factors that candidates need to consider when taking the IELTS exam is the exam fee. In this article, we will take a closer look at the IELTS exam fee in Bangladesh and provide you with some insights into the factors thatRead more

Is PTE Easier than IELTS?

Is PTE Easier Than IELTS? IELTS or PTE? Nowadays, many individuals ask this question, " Is PTE easier than IELTS?"  PTE (Pearson Test of English) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) are two of the most popular English language proficiency tests used for immigration, study, and work purposes. Both tests have their own unique features and benefits, but many people wonder which test is easier. Is PTE easier than IELTS? The truth is, whether PTE is easier than IELTS or not largely depends on the individual's language proficiency and test-taking abilities. In general, both tests are designed to assessRead more

OET test format & Structure | NextStep No 1 for OET

OET test format & Structure OET (Occupational English Test) is an international English language test designed specifically for healthcare professionals. It is designed to assess the English language proficiency of healthcare professionals who need to practice in an English-speaking environment. OET is a highly trusted and respected language test, accepted by more than 20 countries in the world and more than 1000 healthcare organisations. The OET test format consists of four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The test takes place in a computer-delivered format, meaning that all four components of the test are taken on the same day. TheRead more