7 Best Tips for IELTS Listening Multiple Choices Questions

IELTS Listening Multiple Choices Questions Tips Typically the IELTS Listening test needs you answer a lot of different types of queries, but what proves the particular most problematic for learners are often the multiple choice questions. Whilst IELTS listening multiple choices questions may seem scary at first, there are a few useful strategies that you can apply to make sure that you get the best mark possible. Quickly understanding the particular difference between the various choices is quite crucial.  Most Frequent Problems of IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions :  When given 3 choices, like above, you will hear the speakerRead more


9 COMMON MISTAKES OF IELTS WRITING 9 COMMON MISTAKES OF IELTS WRITING Here's 9 most common mistakes of IELTS writing those we've noticed at our IELTS  class tests and mock tests. Hope you will be able to avoid those in future. Not managing the time: Generally, you will get 20 minutes for IELTS writing task 1. But it would be better if you spend 15 minutes in the 1st task and save extra 5 minutes for revising at the end of your writing task. To finish task 1 within 15 minutes you have to practice a lot surely. Else, itRead more

8 IELTS Reading Tips for Band 9

8 IELTS Reading Tips for Band 9   The given 8 IELTS reading tips for band 9 will definitely help you out to achieve an extraordinary goal in the IELTS reading module. Practice is surely needed but if you continue your practice by maintaining some of the tips it would be beneficial in terms of getting outstanding score. In reading 10 rules should be followed these are given below: 1. Improve your reading speed: In IELTS reading section “speed” is the first and foremost thing to do. You have to read fast to find the information. There will be suchRead more

IELTS Listening Tips | NextStep

IELTS Listening Tips To improve your listening skill you must have a proper strategy. By following these IELTS listening tips one can easily develop their listening. Even in IELTS Listening it’s possible to get band score 9. You are already well known to some of these rules, here 10 rules have been mentioned which are effective and these will help you to secure a fantastic score in the IELTS.      For IELTS courses & Mock tests (computer/paper based) Call 01946 004411     Listen to the British accent: Improve your general listening skills. Practice more and more to make the

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