1. IELT Essay: Cause and solution

In many professional sports, there is an increase in the number of athletes wing banned substances to prove their performance. What are the causes of this and what will be the solution?

Sample Answer:

An overgrowing number of athletes, in many professional sports are Consuming prohibited substances to enhance their performance. This may will discuss how tough the competition the poor testing systems a problem, in are the main and hood cause of the addition to, the best solution to eliminate this problem is to impose heaviest punishments and fix up testing facilities.

The main reason of this trouble is the rough competition in sports that makes athletes delusional that they need to take steroids, to prove themselves during their matches against Their opponents. Apart from that, the. large testing procedures also encourage athletes to abuse substances as they are not afraid of getting caught. The system is so faulty that some old athletes have blatantly confessed to using substances.

A workable and long-lasting solution is to punish the violators of law with a heavier punishment. Raising the fine for abusing banned substances and thinking of more grave Punishments to inference against them would be a great way of keeping in addition these people away punishments, and to punishments, from such dregs, another great path the testing is to stop this foolishness is to reset the amenities. There should be a goal set to fix the loopholes in the testing system and make it structure, so that, athletes would start thinking twice even other tests at the mention of steroids or any other poisonous stuffs.

In conclusion, tough competition and large testing system are the main causes of this problem and higher punishments and resetting testing facilities are the best solutions for this hazard.

Vocabulary Analysis

Prohibited: means forbidden or not allowed. It refers to actions or behaviors that are officially disallowed by authority or law.

Heaviest: refers to the extreme end of the spectrum in terms of weight or mass among a group of objects.

Eliminate: means to completely remove or exclude something.

Delusional: describes a person who holds persistent beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality, often to an irrational degree.

Substances: Refers to material or matter with specific properties, often used in chemistry or pharmacology.

Blatantly: Means in a manner that is glaringly obvious or unmistakable, often used to describe something done openly and shamelessly.

Violators: Those who break or fail to comply with rules, laws, or agreements.

Inference: A conclusion drawn from evidence or reasoning rather than directly stated facts.

Dregs: The least valuable or desirable remnants of something, often used metaphorically to refer to the lowest or most worthless elements of society.

Amenities: Features or facilities that provide comfort, convenience, or enjoyment, typically in a physical environment such as a hotel, neighborhood, or public space.

2. IELTS Essay: Agree or Disagree.

Details of politicians’ private lives should not be published in newspapers. Agree on disagree?

Sample Answer:

It is thought that data regarding politicians’ personal lives shouldn’t be shared in tabloids. I strongly disagree since politicians’ build a public Image tough private information and their unclean work can come to light.

Firstly, there’s one thing to note that politician use public image to their advantage. Their personal lives and interest, the way they interred with people help them gain public trust and support, which comes in handy later. Therefore, it shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing if their personal life is out there.

Apart from the public image point, it should be kept in mind that newsprints help in disclosing corruption as well. Politicians’ use public funds to fill up their bank account, and use the money for their own luxury. Newspapers expose them and make them hold accountable for their wrongdoings.

People may agree with the concept keeping their lives private since they try to pry on people’s lives and politicians think it’s illegal if they face with their families. However, the thought is completely. unnecessary. they use It’s not invasion it for their own since they would the exact same thing to their competitors, additionally, their families are not affected they use the benefits for their lavish lifestyle as well.

In conclusion, private information of politicians’ must be published since they use it as free publicity and expose their wrongdoings as well.

Vocabulary Analysis

Tabloids: Newspapers or magazines with sensationalized stories, often focusing on celebrity gossip or scandal.

Disclosing: Revealing or making known information that was previously unknown or secret.

Expose: To reveal or uncover something, especially something hidden or scandalous.

Accountable: Being responsible or answerable for one’s actions or decisions.

Wrongdoings: Actions that are morally or legally wrong, typically involving harm or injustice to others.

Invasion: Encroachment upon someone’s privacy or territory without permission or justification.

Lavish: Characterized by extravagance or luxury, often involving excessive spending or abundance.


3. IELTS Essay: Problem & Solution

In some countries, younger people are neglecting their right to vote. What will be the problem arising from this neglection and what will be the solution of that?

Sample Answer:

In certain nations, youth are not participating in voting. It would end up hindering the public’s opinion, and it would just mess with the political political system. The best possible solution of this situation would be to enlighten youngsters about the importance of voting and encourage them flourish good deeds by participating and selecting leaders by voting. They must their own voices to help the voiceless.

Not joining in others to vote is a bigger problem than it seems. It may result in unwanted parties winning the election and ruling over the country which may upset many juveniles and might create a bad environment for the society, without proper procedures, these issues would lead to policies that aren’t beneficial for the country, thus, more and more people would want to leave the country since the governmental systems would be unsettling for them.

The most workable solution is to education these sord knowledges the idea of how of what to tackle this problem of people important voting great on about they should be campaign with the in, together with voting holds. Their Importance of voting. Once they realize the significance of voting, they start to use their voting rights. Apart from that we can also try offer youngsters something in return of voting. If they get some money in return of rotting, they might really start doing it.

In conclusion, young adults might start feeling apathetic toward polities and the way of dealing with this is social awareness.

Vocabulary Analysis

Hindering: Impeding or obstructing progress or development, causing delays or setbacks.

Enlighten: To provide knowledge or understanding, often by shedding light on a topic or idea.

Flourish: To thrive or prosper, to grow vigorously or abundantly.

Juveniles: Young individuals, especially those who have not yet reached adulthood.

Unsettling: Causing feelings of discomfort, unease, or disturbance.

Rotting: Decaying or decomposing, typically due to the action of bacteria or fungi, resulting in deterioration and loss of integrity.


4. IELTS Essay: Opinion Based Essay

Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools, others, however, believe that boys and girls would benefit more from attending mixed schools. Discuss both views.

Sample Answer:

A few people believe that educating boys and girls in separate schools is better. Other are in contrast to that idea while the fact is interesting because more kids ought to get merits when those two specific gendered persons attends co-ed schools. Although, this mixed benefit is pivotal, on the other hand, I think it is better if their classes will be held in different schools according to their gender.

First and foremost, boys and girls in separate school won’t have the problem of being attracted to the opposite gender. It will spare them from being distracted by the opposite sex and no affaires will happen which might hinder their studies. However, not everyone is disturbed by the opposite gender, therefore, it would be wrong to assume that it will affect their studies! Additionally, many young dwellers feel something towards the opposite gender but still get good grades.

Furthermore, we cannot deny the vital point is that, it is quite essential for teenagers to study together to develop social skills. It is often seen that youngsters who study in coeducational institutions often build a better personality and are more social than those dissimilarly to gender mix schools, individual schools don’t offer such an interest while studying in advanced thinking individual schools. They know what behavior is appropriate and inappropriate, as well as how to get along with the variation of generation of people.

In conclusion, it is evident that coed schools benefit students by helping them develop stronger social skills, even while separate schools may assist them focus on their academic.

Vocabulary Analysis

Pivotal: Extremely important or crucial, often serving as a central point around which other things revolve.

Dwellers: People or animals who inhabit a particular place or region.

Dissimilarly: In a manner that is different or not alike.

Variation: A difference or deviation from a standard or expected condition, often referring to changes in characteristics, conditions, or circumstances.

5. IELTS Essay: Advantages & Disadvantages

Being a celebrity, such as a famous film star or sports personality, brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

Sample Answer:

There are numerous benefits to becoming a well-known public personality, such as a well-known athlete or movie star. they have drawbacks in addition to earning. enormous fan base, which also makes it difficult for them to live a peaceful personal life despite their wealth and fame.

The best thing about becoming a celebrity, in my opinion, is that they get paid well for their efforts. lots Not only do celebrities receive the freedom to pick how much money they want, free from bargaining, but they also receive very respected positions in their respective fields. They also have a sizable fan base thanks to public demand, which strengthens their position. That means he or she will somehow be a person who will matter and such things had happened when Indian film star Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide because of Bollywood nepotism and the fans stopped watching those guys acted or produced movies.

One of the important figures is that having a public lifestyle does not have to come at the expense of a potential private life or a keep. Simply because to their fame, they are constantly followed by paparazzi and have their private concerns shared on social media and in traditional media. They are therefore seen to have lost their freedom of expression and liberty. They are constantly surrounded by arrowed people, so they are unable to go anywhere as regular people—from public spaces to bars.

In the final analysis, I believe that the drawback of being a celebrity is that it interferes on one’s privacy, dominating the financial advantages associated with being recognized.

Vocabulary Analysis

Numerous: Referring to a large number or quantity of something, indicating abundance or proliferation.

Drawbacks: Disadvantages or shortcomings associated with something, highlighting its negative aspects or limitations.

Strengthens: Improves or reinforces the qualities or abilities of something, making it stronger or more effective.

Paparazzi: Photographers who aggressively pursue celebrities to take candid or sensationalized photographs, often invading their privacy in the process.


6. IELTS Essay: Agree or Disagree

Money spent on space exploration is a complete waste. Governments could better spend this money on other things to benefit the nation.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer:

It is believed that funding surveys is entirely unnecessary and that the government should use that money for additional projects that are focused on developing the country. I completely do not agree with this type of perspectives and believe that to be profitable space investigation is purely important as it gives more information and we must remember money does not matter when it comes to education and learning.

First off, space exploration has produced a great deal of the cutting-edge technologies and we are utilizing it today. A satellite, GPS, and a weather forecast are all outstanding examples of space travel. Space exploration would never have been possible without these things.

Secondly like any other scientific criteria aerospace is also really educational and inspiring. Earth’s distance from the sun, the reaps on behind are seen as low tide and eclipse, comets, and the climate are a few of the things we have known about if not for the aerospace engineers. Simultaneously, it’s also inspiring the new generation about the universe to study more

People think that space exploration is a waste of money because of billions being invested into it. This much money can be used to build schools, print books, repair thing, for investing on food and diseases and many more. However, no one has can deny space exploration is not impactful as we are Netflix and chilling all thanks to satellite. Besides, only developed countries spend this much on aerospace. Another thing to point is that public services have their own funds, so money isn’t the issue here.

In conclusion, although spare exploration can cost a lot, which can be used for other public benefit, the advantages get aerospace and its engineering is undeniable.

Vocabulary Analysis

Entirely: Completely or wholly, without exception or reservation.

Perspectives: Different ways of viewing or understanding a situation, influenced by individual experiences, beliefs, or attitudes.

Utilizing: Making use of or employing something for a particular purpose or goal.

Eclipse: To overshadow or surpass something, often in terms of importance, significance, or visibility.

Simultaneously: Happening at the same time or concurrently, without delay or interruption.


7. IELTS Essay: Agree or Disagree

With an increasing number of people eating fast food, which it eating too regularly can cause health issues, some people think that the only solution is to ban it completely.

What extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer:

With a growing number of people eating junk food, if eaten daily, it can cause health problems, which it eating too regularly can cause health issues is to ban it wholly. I disagree with this belief since, even though it may have some health problems, it still has some benefits worth to mention.

The biggest reason why people love junk food is because of how cheap and quick it is. University students and full time workers” eat a lot of fast food. If they need a quick meal, they would go and get fast food. Additionally, university students often suffer from money problems. Therefore, a cheap but delicious meal is something they would seek out for.

Another point to note is, most of the people eat takeaway food as a form of enjoyment, they don’t consume it daily, therefore, badly. sir health that it does not affect them badly. People may think banning takeout is needed since takeaway food uses a lot of sugar and fat, which creates many health problems, obesity and heart diseases. However, consuming them once in a while doesn’t harm ones. body on a massive level and most of the people don’t consume fast food that often.

In conclusion, even though, consuming junk food might be problem, however, consuming a them once while should cause no harm to one. Additionally, eliminating the source. of quick and cheap meals is not a great idea. Therefore, I disagree with the idea of banning takeaway.

Vocabulary Analysis

Takeaway: Something that is learned or gained from an experience or situation; a key point or lesson to remember.

Enjoyment: The pleasure or satisfaction derived from an activity, experience, or thing.

Consume: To use up or expend, typically referring to the ingestion or utilization of food, drink, or resources.

Massive: Extremely large or substantial in size, extent, or quantity.


8. IELTS Essay: Discussion-Based Essay.

It is with generally believed that some people are born certain talents, for instance for sports or music, and others are not. However, it is sometimes claimed that any child or person can be taught to become a good sportsman or a musician.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer:

Normally, it is thought that a few persons are born with some certain skills , sports and music for example. In contrast to that thought, some believe that any kid can learn to be sports person or music artist. Although, there many the truth lies that we can not help but to admit it, I am in the believe of the former statement is correct that’s why people like Lebron James or Big Shaq drills those sports.

It is often said that, talent and success is even mentioned completely which is affirmative, many times that it is genetically inherited. These types of children are even called gifted because of how fast they start to master in a certain area. However, many non gifted kids can also start to be good at a certain area, if they have passion for it and they work hard, sooner or later they could taste victory.

People born with natural talents are often praised by people for their skills. It is mostly just one of their hobbies and not their Passion. Except, those who have to work to get better at such stuff, keep working on it day and night with a burning passion brewing inside of them and eventually start to mastering those techniques.

In conclusion, it is true that some humans are born with talents, however, with proper training and hard work, anyone can learn to become a sports person or musician.

Vocabulary Analysis

Genetically: Relating to genes or genetic material, typically referring to inherited characteristics or traits passed down through generations.

Inherited: Received or acquired from one’s ancestors or parents through genetic transmission or familial lineage.

Brewing: In the process of developing or forming, often used metaphorically to describe a situation or event that is gradually taking shape or building up.

Eventually: At some unspecified or indefinite point in the future; ultimately or finally, after a period of time or after certain conditions are met.

9. IELTS Essay: Agree or Disagree

Most high-level positions in companies are filled by men even though the workforce in many developed countries is more than 50persent female. Companies should be required to allocate a certain percentage of these positions to women.

To what extend do you agree?

Sample Answer:

Majority of upper-level position in companies are filled up by the male population, although more than 50% of the workers are women. Companies need to assign a fixed percentage of such positions to the per sales, I disagree with this thought as it would be injustice to the talented male employees, who deserve these positions.

People get promotion because of their hard work and great skills. Dwellers get appreciated for their hard work only after devoting themselves completely to their profession giving their all to get better and give a great performance. It would be wrong to not value their skills.

It’s human nature to doing something don’t get expect recognition after worth of praise. If they get demotivated with the fact that demotivation is the enemy of professional life in the greatest way.

Equality is one of the most talked about topics of the world right now. Therefore, it’s not a wonder that people are asking for offers to women more. Conserving half might seem opportunities to spots for the great thought at first a few seconds However, after dwelling over the guys who one might think, work relentlessly. This question might lead to the conclusion that reserving spots for women just for the sake of their gendered is an unjustifiable action as it would take away. men’s equality for competing for a faire position.

In conclusion, even though, it may seem to be bringing equality in spots are in workplaces if more allocated for women, it would discrimination against men. Not bring dish it brings of also only discourage men to work loosely. Therefore, I strongly disagree with MORE spots for women.

Vocabulary Analysis

Injustice: Unfair treatment or behavior, often involving violation of rights or denial of justice.

Dwellers: People or creatures who reside or live in a particular place or habitat.

Devoting: Giving full attention, time, or effort to a particular activity, cause, or person.

Wonder: A feeling of surprise, admiration, or amazement at something impressive or remarkable.

Conserving: Preserving or protecting something from loss, damage, or depletion, often with the aim of sustainability.

Relentlessly: Persistently or without ceasing, often with determination or intensity.

Reserving: Keeping something for future use or reference; setting aside or holding back.

Allocated: Designated or assigned for a specific purpose or use.

Discrimination: Unfair or prejudicial treatment of individuals or groups based on characteristics such as race, gender, age, or ethnicity.


10. IELTS Essay: Cause & Effect.

Today people are travelling more than ever before. Why is this case? What are the benefits of travelling for the travelers?

Sample answer:

Currently, the rates of ‘dwellers travelling is higher than earlier times. The increasing number of are tour packages might travelling be an answer to why people more than before. The two main advantages people world might be getting from this be relaxation and cultural knowledge.

Several tour agencies around the world have been releasing vouchers that a more have been given tour offers and tour enticing people to take pleasant journey. Whenever holidays are around the corner, people are coming in full force. In previous times, even a single journey used to cost a lot. However, in recent times all made touring the discounted offers made much cheaper and affordable. Therefore, those who couldn’t have afforested to go on a trip before can easily save up and enjoy their time roaming.

The first advantage that people see in going on trips is that they get experience different cultures and know things about those cultures that they didn’t know before, those things may help them gain knowledge about numerous types of things. Additionally, newfound experience having new implications which help travelers to enlarge their general knowledge. Another great pleasure that travelers these trips is that they can get from get time to relax away from their respective homes and refresh their minds with marvelous air and exotic activities.

In conclusion, humans the world now. are roaming around more because it’s efficient that the major plus points of this are refreshment and gaining knowledge.

Vocabulary Analysis

Relaxation: The state of being free from tension or stress, often achieved through rest, leisure, or recreation.

Vouchers: Coupons or certificates that can be exchanged for goods or services, typically providing discounts or special offers.

Enticing: Attractive or tempting, often used to describe something that lures or allures.

Afforested: Covered with forests or trees, indicating an area that has been planted or naturally grown with trees.

Roaming: Moving about freely or wandering without a specific destination or direction.

Implications: Consequences or effects that are suggested or inferred by an action, decision, or statement.

Enlarge: To make larger or increase in size, extent, or scope.

Marvelous: Extremely impressive, excellent, or extraordinary; inspiring wonder or admiration.

Exotic: Unusual, foreign, or unfamiliar, often associated with distinctive or unique features not typically found in one’s own environment.