PTE Reading Tips and Tricks

PTE reading tests in details with type questions and answering strategies. Please follow these PTE reading tips and tricks to secure a fantastic score.  PTE reading could be tricky sometime. However, this challenge can be tackled by proper planning and strategy.

PTE Reading Tips and TricksKey Skills required:

  • Rapid Reading Speed (Skimming & Scanning)
  • Understanding the academic words/phrases
  • Time management (Single Time)


PTE Reading Tips and Tricks

Type of questions and answering tips

Multiple choice – multiple answers 1-2 (up to 300 words)

  • Read question first try to locate it on the text.
  • Skim through options
  • Scan question along with the options
  • Eliminate in case of difficulty.
  • If the question is asking for main idea, focus on first 2 lines and last 2 lines
  • Don’t select unless you are confident


Re-order paragraphs 2-3 (up to 150 words)

  • Skim through the text to get a general idea of the topic
  • Remember these are the part of one big paragraph. Find the beginning.
  • Try to figure out topic and sequence
  • 1st paragraph wouldn’t start with pronoun, definite article, back reference.
  • 1st paragraph wouldn’t start with “But, However, Although” or similar type of words.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with some grammatical aspects (Infinitive, Parts of Speech Tense, Gerund, Article)
  • Look for connectors/linkers


Fill in the blanks (Reading) 8-12 (2Types):

  • Skim through the whole paragraph
  • Fill the easier one first
  • Typically, 2 options will be grammatically misfit
  • Make sure word is well blended (read the sentence after answering)
  • Don’t leave unanswered (no negative marking)


Reading Multiple Choice – single answer 1-2

  • Read question first
  • Try to scan the question part from the text.
  • Skim through options
  • Do not leave unanswered (no negative marking)